Vero Beach: we be cruising!

That moment that you realize you have not packed your bag and have yet to find your passport. Yeah I get that pretty  much before every trip. Normally it doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes as that is how much time I have left to pack . I’m such a great planner LOL.

This time we are flying to the sunshine state and visiting the beautiful coastal town Vero Beach. However, we seemed to be having an uninvited guest tag along ( don’t you just hate it when that happens!). Not only is she very unfriendly and always ruins whatever she toucheds, she even has her own #hashtag. #hurricaneerika ring any bells anyone? Just our luck, normally we just bring rain, but this time we seemed to be flying towards a possible hurricane struck spot. Mind you, for Florida this is almost a 10-year period-without a hurricane period….almost. We kept a close eye on her predicted route ( which seemed to be changing almost every minute) and decided we were not going to cancel the trip. Lucky for us Erika completely dissolved into nothing before she hit Florida. #PFEUH!

Vero beach is a 2,5 hour drive from Miami International Airport. For us Caribbeans, that seems like forever but probably for the most of you “just around the corner”;).  It is an elegant city located along Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Watersports are a big hit in this area and I hear, so is golf ( sorry not my thing!). Vero Beach is often referred to as the “Hamptons of Miami”. Hello Darlin’!

Kodak Moment at the pier

the beach goes on for miles

We were lucky to be staying in the elegant hotel Costa D’este with fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean. prior to my stay I had already found out that their Costa d’Este Spa was not only an award winning spa, but also offered cocktail inspired treatments. As I said before “Hello Darlin!”. I might just have booked myself a treatment here! Needless to say the spa experience was fantastic with beautiful treatment rooms, locker area ( it has everything you need from curling irons, blow dryers, sandals, robes and other toiletry necessities) and a very friendly staff.

Costa D'Este view

Also on the premises is yet another ward winning concept of this hotel – The Wave Kitchen & Bar. If your budget allows it then definitely book a table here. The ambiance of the restaurant is very nice ( even-though I always have to get used to indoor seating with air-conditioning when the weather outside is so  nice) and the staff very friendly. But the food is …. FINGERLICKING good! By the time we finished we almost “rolled” out. We shared their “sampler flight of three ceviches”, boy i was in ceviche-heaven. And being a girl and all i absolutely must gush about their sweets. The key-lime pie is the best I have tasted so far ( and i have had my fair share).

Must do’s

Cruise through Vero beach

Find yourself a bike  ( available at our hotel) and see what the coastal town has to offer. We drove all the way to the end of the peninsula, parked our bikes and found a nice spot to relax on the beach. The big pier obviously gives you fantastic Kodak moments. Who am I to ignore that calling right?! on our way back we popped our heads in some of  the little boutiques and strolled through town. We had no locks for the bikes but that does not seem to be an issue in Vero Beach.

We be cruising

Countryside citrus

Get some Grapefruit Ice-cream at Countryside citrus. You won’t be sorry! They have home made grapefruit and orange ice-cream which is very very nice after a bike ride in the sun. The staff is super friendly and you are able to munch on some tasters as well. Nom Nom.

Country Side Citrus

Country Side Citrus

Beach Walks

Take a nice beach walk on the long stretch of sand. You will notice marked off turtle nests; how cool would it be to be part of their hatching period. Read more about it here.

The beach is miles long and a good spot for a run or just a casual stroll.

Don’t bother

The shopping mall in Vero beach is kind of depressing. Lots of empty lots as well as funky smells and uninspiring shops. Stick to the little boutique shops on the boulevard!

One thing is certain we need to come back and spend more time here!



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