Ready to eat?! My favorite restaurants in Curacao

It seems that around this time of the year all I can think about is food. Going out for a nice meal is something I had the privileged to grow up with. My parents both had full-time jobs and going out for a nice meal was a treat for the family. The fact that mum hated day – to – day cooking probably did help as well 😉

the question: ” where should I have dinner” is a valid one and one often asked. So here goes lovelies, my favorite places to go out and enjoy a good meal.

Brasserie Chapter $$ – smokingly good

Rick ( chef) and Jolijn (front of house) from Brasserie Chapter opened their doors about a year ago. From the start they caught my attention big time! Why? because there slogan is ” food is my religion”. Ok, so nuff said right? I am a regular at the brasserie Chapter but they still amaze me whenever I visit. They have indoor (with aircon) and outdoor seating and located right in the bustling Pietermaai District ( OH yes! another story for another time).

Oh and for all you meat lovers ( ME ME ME ) they have a specialty smokehouse evening every Thursday. TIP: always book ahead, word gets around and they tend to fill up quickly. DUH!

 this is the place where you don’t get the opportunity to eat badly

Our fav’s: Hanging tender, steak tartar, chocolate lava cake. They also have a great 3 course menu for 65ANG / 36$

Brasserie Chapter

Brasserie Chapter

Gouverneur de Rouville $$ – a view to a kill

This restaurant has been a favorite within the family. I have fond memories of having dinner with my mum here, and my husband and me always love to go back. Whats not to love?! The views over the harbour, the fantastic service and a great menu. They have the best Banana soup ( yes banana soup) i have ever tasted and my all time favorite is their version of Tiramisu prepared by the same chef for the last decade ( for good reasons!!). They serve lunch and dinner but do tend to fill up quickly ( especially for lunch when cruise boats are around). Try to reserve a spot on the gallery and enjoy the fantastic views over the harbour.

Fantastic views over the famous curacao harbour

Our fav’s: Banana soup as a starter, Gouverneur steak, Nicoise salad, Tiramisu and cheescake

De gouverneur

De gouverneur


Serafina $$$ – an italian delight

If you are crazy for a good Italian restaurant than look no further. The kitchen serves authentic italian food cooked by a fantastic chef from Italy. It is a bit pricier that other paces on the island but totally worth it. Maurice, the owner, will take good care of you and knows exactly which wine goes best with your dishes.

Italian food cooked to perfection

Our fav’s: tuna on a bed of marinated artichoke hearts, pasta topped with Mozerella and their chocolate vulcano



Equus $ – a meaty feast

Equus is an old horse barn transferred into the best place to eat fingerlicking good meat. Mind you this is the place where you will not get forks, a knive or a plate. Pull of the meat from the pinchos and just dip the bread in the most delicious garlic dip possible . They have chicken, tenderloin but also veggie pincho’s. And all of this for just 35ANG. try the “pika” dip, it is to die for! Carefull its spicy stuff!

nom nom nom, did I mention it is good?

There are about 20 picnic tables with candles, a big grill and lots of peeps looking for some good piece of meat. Careful ONLY OPEN ON FRIDAY’s!

Our fav’s: ternderloin Pincho with lots of garlic sauce and Pika dip

Kome $$- just eat!

Kome is a family owned business located in the bustling Pietermaai District. They have a very diverse menu from fish taco’s to couscous to hamburgers and lamb neckl. Oh and leave some space for desert because Susan , one of the owners, knows her way around the sweets in the kitchen. Wow. So good. The space is air-conditioned but had a very earthy feeling with rustic signs and wooden tables and chairs.

Eat, Drink, Laugh, you’re among friends.

They serve lunch and dinner but careful especially outside school vacations lunches tend to be very busy.

Our fav’s: Fish Taco, Rasberry BBQ duck & Brownie



Karakter $$ – toes in the sand

For me spending a day at Karakter totally gives me the feeling of utter relaxation. Krakter is located on the west side on the island in the Coral estate. The restaurant is located on the beach and the good thing about this is that their menu is also served ON the beach. There is no beach entry fee and you don’t have to pay for using the beach chairs, or the lounge chairs or the hammock either! Only “rule” is that you do not BYO, and don’t worry you will not be sorry about this. Trust me if you ar elooking for the complete relaxing caribbean experience? This is your spot. Oh and guess what, they also have a great spa in the facility plus a dive school.

find yourself a lounge chair, enjoy a nice prosecco and nibble on some terrific food.

our fav’s: Goats cheese bruchetta, Duo of Tuna, Lobster Bisque


Ginger $$ – Asian Delight

You can find Ginger in the tucked away in the heart of Pietermaai District.  It’s eclectic style and vibe is truly breathtaking and chef Ekinath prepares the authentic and fresh food.. The tandoori chicken is by far my favorite but we also love sharing their platters. Naan bread straight from the indian tandoori oven, fresh fish, spring rolls, hot & spicy, noodles or Rice… NOM NOM. Open 7 days a week from 5PM.

The chicken tandoori is finger-licking good

Our Fav’s: Tandoori chicken, beef tenderloin, Asian Fish and their Indian Buffet on Saturdays.

In the middle of the historic area of Pietermaai Smal there is a hidden square called Kalksteegplein. Behind the colourful atelier of arts ares Mirjam Griffioen you’ll find our new Restaurant Ginger. This beautiful and cozy place offers you the very best of Caribbean Asian style food. A fantastic selection of hot & spicy food, noodles & rice plates, vegetarian dishes, curries, stews and live cooking with an Indian Tandoori oven. All the food is authentically and freshly prepared! Ginger is the perfect destination for refreshing drinks, a romantic evening, or relaxing dinner with family and friends.

Ginger Tandoori oven


Hofi cas cora $ – organic treat
A family owned farm in a very central part of the island. Their aim is to raise awareness on local produce consumption. Their ‘farm to table” brunch spot is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9AM- 3PM and have recently opened for drinks and bites on Fridays. What i love about the concept here is that everything is a bit different. It reminds me of the little brunch spots in hove, when we were living in England. definitely a great spot to wind down, enjoy good food, fantastic views and maybe even some yoga!

Zen and good food DO go together 😉

Our Fav’s: Huevos Rancheros, their Max and Bee juices,  Pulled Pork sandwich and their goats cheese waffle

hofi cas cora

hofi cas cora

Chill curacao $

It’s all in a name right?! fantastic spot ,as they say,  a true definition of how to live it up Curacao-style. And I must agree with them. Feet in the sand, Picnic tables, hammocks, lounge chairs and an ice cold beer is all you need. They serve pinchos ( fish or meat) and have great combination platters you can share amongst friends ( they are huge!!!).

Live life on the beach… Someone has to do it!


Our fav’s: Meat platter to share

Bon Appetit!


xoxo maho enroute

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