Itinerary st Barths – daytrip from SXM

What makes St Barths, st Barts or Saint Barthelemy so special? This island is so different than any of  its neighbors. Even though I sometimes think its not always good to go glitz and glam, I think it actually worked for this tiny rock in the aqua blue ocean. Ok so before we start lets do a quick history lesson. READY – SET – GO

Originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians, followed by the caribs ( its not only a beer people!), after that Mr Columbus set foot on the island in 1493. The french at some point successfully attempted to settle it however in 1784 France traded ( shame on  them) the island to Sweden who sold it back to France in 1878.

The EURO is the official currency however most places do accept dollars as well.

Daytripin’ around “zeee” island

Our trip to St Maarten was long enough to book a day trip to St Barths. now don’t get me wrong i’d love to spend more time here but my wallet simply does not allow it. We looked for hotels before deciding a day trip would be enough, but there was nothing that matched our price preferences. So we booked a day trip with the ferry leaving from Cristal bay ( a whopping 30 minutes! ha ha). There are more roads that lead to st Barths, so check what port is closest to you and book your ferry from there ( Marigot, Philipsburg and Crystal bay are all ports from which the ferry goes). Don’t have sea legs? Don’t worry, small planes fly to the island almost every 15  minutes ( tho slightly more pricey)

We were fully prepped and bought some typical french goodies in  “zee best bakeshop“, which we saved for breakkie in st barths. We also booked a car ahead of time ( via the ferry ) so we could explore the island at our own pace ( I don’t like tours, as I am always the person who either needs another photo, really needs to pee or just wants to jump in that blue ocean AGAIN). The groups decision was to explore the island at our own pace. Bearing in mind that this island is extremely small! We definitely took our time, stopped at several beaches for a dip, had lunch and still could have done it twice 😉

All beaches are public and no fee to enter is asked. The fees will come when you want to rent a beach chair with umbrella and order a glass of bubbles 😉


Gustavia is a pretty and charming little town. Fantastic shops, cute little buildings and the Swedish background is definitely noticeable. Most of the streets are one-way and the amount of mini coopers driving around is fantastic and weird at the same time.

Main street Gustavia

Main street Gustavia

Harbor #stbarts

Harbor #stbarths

1850's church build by the Swedish governor

1850’s church build by the Swedish governor

Shell beach

Only a short drive ( about 1 minute) from Gustavia you can find Shell Beach. A trendy spot with a little beach club right on the beach. lounge music is played and can be heard from all corners of this beach ( it is a smaller beach). On Sundays you will find the smaller boats finding a nice spot together to celebrate it being Sunday.

Shell Beach #stbarts

Shell Beach #stbarths

Anse du Governeur

After missing the road 5 times, having performed  several u-turns in the smallest little streets ever we did manage to find one of the prettiest beaches i had EVER seen. There are no facilities on this beach which makes it so castaway and bounty-ish. I’d gladly spend a full day on this beach. The water can be a tad bit wavy but hey for me that’s only adding more fun..

The beach is incredibly sandy both on shore as underwater. One word: STUNNING!

Ansu Du Governeur #stbarts

Ansu Du Governeur #stbarths

 Anse du Grand Saline

On our way to the next beach we passed a small road side restaurant where we bought some Caribs to enjoy on the beach. Driving to Grand Saline is a great little drive. With fantastic views over the ocean, enormous villas and the hills of the neighboring island appearing in the distance. The beach of Grand Saline is beautiful ( i’m like a record that is stuck on a song, I know) and very wide. After a little climb over the sand dunes you will reach a very big beach. Again on this side of the island the water is a bit wavy which is great for the kids as the use it for boogie-boarding or pretending they are fish washing up shore ( and what is NOT fun about that?!?)

Anse Du grand Saline

Anse Du grand Saline #stbarths


Lorient is the site of the first french settlement and almost a picture-perfect village with their absolutely beautiful cemeteries. The slightly raised tombstones are nestled in the sand crowned by candles and colorful flowers. It is truly a mesmerizing sight. How do they stay so colorful you may ask? You might just want to go an explore yourself trust me you won;t be sorry. The village is very easy going and has a fantastic beach with hotels just on the beautiful shore line. The beach is also popular among surfers, however on the day we visited the ocean was flat as a pancake 🙂

Lorient Cemetery

Lorient Cemetery

On our way to the beach

On our way to the beach

Anse Du Lorient #stbarts

Anse Du Lorient #stbarths

Baie Du Saint-Jean

Only a short drive away from Lorient you will find yourself in the uber hip and fashionable Baie du Saint-Jean. This is where you will find the rich and famous. By the time we arrived here we decided it was time for lunch. We found this perfect little spot Kiki-e Mo, that served fantastic salads and had the best juice bar on the island ( ok maybe the only one as well Ha Ha). Their juice menu is very versatile as is their lunch menu and all dishes are just spot on. Another cool little thing about this bar is that it overlooks the entrance of Nikki beach so if you want to do some serious celeb-watching this will be your spot.

The village itself had little fashion boutiques scattered along the main street. Now bear in mind that only a certain wallet owner can shop here. I can see why Mrs Kardashion or Leo DiCaprio can entertain themselves here. The entertainment is always high-end as are the hotels in this area, the beaches are stunning!

the famous Nikki Beach where the celebs frolic around in the ocean

the famous Nikki Beach where the celebs frolic around in the ocean

Fashion boutiques in Saint-Jean

Fashion boutiques in Saint-Jean

The entrance of Nikki beach. Kiki-e Mo is a fantastic "people watching" spot whilst eating a terrific lunch.

The entrance of Nikki beach. Kiki-e Mo is a fantastic “people watching” spot whilst eating a terrific lunch.

Anse Du Flamands

With our tummies full we left the hip and famous behind us and continued our way to Anse Du Flamands as we needed some serious nap time. But honestly who can take a nap on beaches like this on St Barths. So instead we admired the view and enjoyed a ( yet another) dip in the aqua blue st Barths waters.

This beach seems to go on forever and has hardly a soul sunbathing on it. A few hotels do do have umbrellas and beach chairs setup but honestly i like the deserted part of the beach better.

This beach in my top 3 best beach of #stbarths. Absolutely stunning and not a soul on it which amazes me.

Ans du Flamands #stbarts

Ans du Flamands #stbarts

These happy faces explored and experienced #stbarths in a day. What a spectacular island!


these happy faces explored and experienced #stbarts in a day. What a spectacular island!r


xoxo maho enroute

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