Come sail away with me

Avast me Hearties!

When on a sail boat i can’t help but say “what be not t’ love about a sailboat”?  What be you waitin’ for? Alright enough pirate talk already lets get to the good stuff.

We went out on the water with the “sea Monkey” she is a beauty already and hold up to 8 guests, lucky us we had her all to ourselves:) She docks in a small bay in Curacao where you board with ya goodies and guests. In pirate style we obviously packed some good ‘ol vino. This is if pirates would actually enjoy such a fruity drink over their preferred rum.

The sea monkey tailors to what the pirate wants. If you like to sail, hangout on the lake called “fuik” or do a bit of both – you choose! You can also decide to hang back or give the captain a hand. Whatever you fancy. So don’t worry if you are not a sailor at heart – Clifton will be right there to help you become a good deck on hand or you can relax and let the pro do it.

Sail away-14

The Sea Monkey hold up to 8 guests


Sail away-9

All hands on deck with captain Clifton

Relaxing is good 2

Relaxing is good 2

Fun with me mates

Fun with me mates


What do you say? Should I give up my day-job?

What do you say? Should I give up my day-job?

I think the twinkle in our eyes seen on the photographs ( just imagine the sunglasses aren’t there ) will give away the amount of fun we had on the boat. Not only did we relax to the T we also spend a day at sea. And that my friends is priceless.

Seamonkey Tours offers a variety of sailing trips along the South coast of Curacao and it’s lagoons . Trips to Klein Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba are also available.

so righty ho pirate, time to set sail!


xoxo maho enroute

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  • jurriaan says:

    Hey Marijke,

    Leuke blog!
    We herkende jouw bootje die voor de zeeverkennerij ligt en ik de kinderen op zondagochtend in hu optimisten omheen stuur in deze net nieuwe documentaire.

    Toen dachten we laten we even googelen op “Sea Monkey Curaçao” en kwamen al snel hier terecht =)

    Als je de documentaire nog niet gezien hebt, kunnen we het wel aanraden!

    Jurriaan & Camila

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