My ultimate travel bucket list – top 10

My travel bucket list – Join in on the fun!

The infamous bucket lists. Some say it gives you a purpose in life  (ugh heavy!), some just use them as cool update posts of FB. Bucket lists are very personal and no bucket list is every the same. Some focus it on marrying a celebrity (me on the other hand…. I’ll settle for dinner- c’mon Brad are you in?), some take it seriously over the top and want to fly into space (my altitude sickness will not allow that – she says whilst thinking of a better excuse) and for some having a husband, puppy and child is the ultimate bucket-list-point to accomplish. Now bear in mind this bucket list of mine is seriously long, so I will share my “top 10 need to travel to” with you.


Create a “look I am falling off but not really cuz I am standing on a slab you can’t see” selfie in the grand canyon, USA – The USA is an amazing country to travel through they have every season in 1 country at the same time. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon and see this natural world wonder and of course make that infamous picture as proof .LOL.

Ultimate bucket list - grandcanyon

Ultimate bucket list – grand canyon

See the northern lights, Scandinavia – like seriously who wouldn’t want to see these Aurora Borealis ( look at me being all fancy with.. latin?). All I need is my hubby, a seriously Michelin man coat (remember Caribbean girl here), a proper wolves sled-ride and just stare at the sky. Like seriously?! Gosh it will be my little piece of heaven.

Ultimate bucket list - northern lights

Ultimate bucket list – northern lights

Dive in the Galapagos islands, Ecuador – oh my gosh, this one would make me such a terribly happy happy girl. Dive with hammerheads, whilst the penguins play with the iguanas and dolphins pass by. It’ll be my Darwin-like trip.

Ultimate bucket list - hammerheads

Ultimate bucket list – hammerheads

Swim in the thermal pools of Iceland – This Icelandic tradition goes back all the way to the settlers and they say even has a health benefits. I think it would look awesome on Instagram 😉

Ultimate bucket list - thermal iceland

Ultimate bucket list – thermal iceland

Walk the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico – I have a thing with cobble streets alleys and old buildings oozing with vibe. The oldest district of Puerto Rico will do just the trick. You will find me on a square eating traditional pastry watching the world go by. Perfection! Puerto Rico has been on THE list for sooooo long and looks like I will be ticking this box very soon!

Ultimate bucket list - Puerto rico

Ultimate bucket list – Puerto rico

Have my blood turn into wine during the South African wine route – I have a big love for the continent Africa and have visited 4 countries however the wine route around Capetown has not been ticket off yet. I mean wine and travel go so well together!

Ultimate bucket list - Wine route Cape Town

Ultimate bucket list – Wine route Cape Town

Walk the great all of china – Well not entirely ( various studies give various outcomes) but surely a few. This ancient build will, I know for sure, take my breath away.

Ultimate bucket list - great Wall of China

Ultimate bucket list – great Wall of China

Visit the ancient city of Petra, Jordan – Another ancient site I would love to visit. Built in the first century BC this city was actually only rediscovered in 1820.

Ultimate bucket list - petra

Ultimate bucket list – petra

Visit the Machu Picchu, Peru – I mean it is only a few kilometers right?! I can easily do that! This trail has been on top of the list however my altitude sickness always scares me away. The passed-out version of me would probably not enjoy the views as much 😉

Ultimate bucket list - Machu Pichu

Ultimate bucket list – Machu Pichu

Hike the trails in Ireland – and possibly visit the Games of Throne film location around St Patricks day…nuff said !

Ultimate bucket list - Ireland

Ultimate bucket list – Ireland


So there you have it 10 “must travel to’s” from my never ending bucket list. I have been very fortunate enough to already tick some of my bucketlist items like living in Bali, Diving the great Barrier reef , get totally jerked in Jamaica, travel through Africa, visit Fiji and so many more. Let’s hope i can continue ticking those boxes 🙂


xoxo maho enroute




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