Travel the world with bachelorette Rachel – Yes I DO!

ABC presents to you our newest Bachelorette

What is better than watching the bachelorette? Yes watching the bachelorette! Instead of 1 guy with 25 gals we now have 1 gal with… wait for it 31 hot sizzling hotties. Can you tell that I am excited???
With that said I am pretty much ready for a season of a lot of romantic dates, fantastic getaways and an even better proposal. Because thank god we already know in advance that she is engaged. Good on ya Rachel! Do you have your fav’s ? Well I think 2 of them are just redonkulously cute so I am praying she takes them with her all the way to the finale, and this is just to please my eyes 😉

bachelorette - peter bachelorette - bryan

Just like any season the bachelorette takes the single lady and her boyfriends to some pretty spectacular places in the world. No different this year and Rachel is rumored to visit the below cities with her suitors. I know she has such a tough life.



Norways capital where nature meets city. This metropolitan city is quickly evolving with fantastic restaurants, museums and where live music is a big part of the cities identity. Best part is that this city is easily explored without a car with such an efficient public transportation system ( leave that to the Scandinavians).



Oh Copenhagen how I love thee! Yet again another capital in Scandinavia but this time in Denmark. A country that has a special place in my heart. With Danish friends we were lucky enough to actually not only learn more about the culture but also about the country. Copenhagen is a quirky city, clean especially in their architecture and the people are friendly. Although you might have to get used to the baby seats the moms leave outside the bars – yes the kid still in it 😉



Known both as the ‘smallest of big cities’, or the ‘city of peace’, Geneva, among other things is the ideal spot to film romantic sets for a reality show called the bachelorette. Quayside of Lake Geneva, the parks, the old alleyways and smart boutiques are only a few things you can do in this French-speaking city in Switzerland.


And this is only the start! can’t wait to explore the world with our newest Bachelorette and her suitors.. euh hot men.. euh boyfriends.. euhhh….. LOST

xoxo maho enroute

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