Bachelorette Rachel travels to Hilton Head


OK so i might have skipped two weeks of writing about the bachelorette her travels. For good reasons tho. If your thing is riding a horse whilst shopping in LA than yeah I could have written about it. Or if you can’t wait to mudwrestling in an empty pub then I bet google can help you out 😉. This week tho, they moved house YES that means Travel which is kinda what I am all about. Their first stop however is not as glamorous as one can expect! However it is a good start!


Hilton Head



Hilton Head island has received many awards like best honeymoon spot on a budget ( within USA), best place to visit in the USA during spring and top trending travel places in the USA and yes the list goes on and on and on. This island has 12 miles of sandy beach and easy access to kayaking, sailing and the odd lounge chair. Yeah save me one will ya!


Stay like a bachelor



The cast and crew of the series stayed in Sonesta Hotels. Pretty sweet and with all the services and amenities a girl could wish for. But the Airbnb fan that I am I did find some gems on Airbnb as well like THIS one and THIS one.

Boat like a bachelor


So whilst Rachel had a few goodlookin’ man on her boat you can go on the same cruise.. well minus the men 😉. The crew booked a Vagabond Cruise for the cast to show off some push-ups and limbo dancing. Funny thing is.. there is actually more to this cruise. The tour company actually is a pioneer in the eco-tourism world and focuses on sharing the beauty of Hilton head and the wildlife with others ( us tourists!)

Alrighty that’s it for some spectacular travelling thus far. Yes We are all very keen on Rachel taking her boys out. Can’t wait for some splendid travels. What about you??

xoxo maho enroute

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